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Expert Protege
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I would purchase a title that has cross buy WAY over ones that doesn't. It stinks that you have to guess if a title will show up on all my devices. Have cross buy (for those with multiple devices) show up in the store and when you search for titles. Thanks
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I already own a Rift and when researching the Quest, the marketing materials led me to believe some of my Rift apps would work on the Quest. Unfortunately, all the apps I've purchased for the Rift have to be re-purchased for the Quest. That's not exactly a great user experience.
Expert Protege
I think it already is, at least on the web store. When you view a game like Space Pirate Trainer that has cross buy, it says both "Supports Quest" and "Supports Rift". If you go to a game like Beat Saber that doesn't have cross buy, though, it just has "Supports Quest".
I'd like to see a crossbuy category in the store. This would be my first place to go to find apps.
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Honored Guest
This link will provide the requested info, though it's not the long term fix. If you open the link on your phone, the Oculus app will open with the Cross-Buy apps listed...if you open on PC, the Oculus Home app will open showing the same info. Enjoy:
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They already do this. You just have to look for it. If it is crossbuy it will list rift S and quest under supported devices. Would be nice if there was a crossbuy sort option though.
yes, the current store, library and wishlist situation is a MESS! browsing games and curating a wishlist and library works much better on the windows desktop app. but in the windows desktop oculus store i can only see crossbuy games, but i cant see any quest only games? i cant see my quest game wishlist? i cant review or buy quest games? this is super confusing and annoying...
Cross-buy should be a searchable tag, and it should be consistently displayed--some games list Rift and Quest as supported platforms, while other cross-buy games don't. Also, there is a cross-buy section in the Quest store that can be found by a Google search (, but there is no way to find it in the actual store. It should show up as a category!