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Status: New Idea

First. I'm happy with my gaming experience and do not regret it. But before this model becomes obsolete, I wish there was something to be done about the weight distribution. A counterweight is nice and elite straps help but it is just too front-heavy and needs to be too snug to be comfortable to the point it caused headache of the forehead or cheeks or somewhat worse than either, full front face pain, fatigue, and discomfort


What I'm proposing is a redesign of the face pad to be larger and travel/sit further down on the face. maybe something that curves down almost like sideburns to use the jaw and side of the face more somehow. 


The other idea is, made from similar high-quality plastic, is just a helmet straight-up.. Some kind of padded, comfortable top to put the straps over or through somehow that also comes with a 'weighted and tested' perfect counterweight which can be swapped for an optional battery pack. If the helmet does get made, the face cushion might need a lighter softer gel-like redesign to go along with it. This would be a helmet not so dissimilar in shape to the simple ones used by American soldiers in WWII but obviously not so heavy-duty, smaller, and with the Oculus in mind, comfort, and breathability.


IMO, I would not mind a chin or jaw strap if it meant the overall situation is more evenly balanced. If the plastic is soft but durable, you might even be able to put slits down the side of the helm to accommodate a more one size that could fit all situation.


Test the idea out with the community ask the gamers who wear it for hours on end and I bet they would welcome new, larger, more comfortable solutions than just a strap replacement. And yes.. this could mean more money for you. I mean your link cable is $100.. Years shaved off my life thinking about what you would charge for these add-ons but if you can pull it off and provide a real quality solution, we'd have no choice but to buy-in. Deal?