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Status: New Idea
I thought occurred to me... Meta Calls the Quests OS Horizon OS. The OS is basically a 3D environment when not in Passthrough with a menu and windows.. 
So my question/idea is: Why isn't Meta Horizon Worlds and workrooms just one product and then why isn't that the main OS for the Quest? I mean think about it... We can simply use one of the 3D environments or create one like we would in Horizon Worlds. That would be our home base. From there, we could decorate it with objects we can purchase from the Meta Store. We can invite friends to work and collaborate with us. We can place Windows wherever we want in that space. And of course, if we get tired of it, we can just use the Pass through.
But also, think of this... Each personal home has a door that will lead them straight out into Horizon Central which would be a gateway to experiences and other worlds. Of course, once out of your home, decorating is not possible unless you visit a world where you have permission do so. But it will give it more of a SecondLife / DC Universe Online Home base feel and open worldliness to it. 
You can access your apps and windows from anywhere. Except, when outside of your home, the windows can not be placed spatially, but will appear how they currently appear in Quest. Or maybe they can and only you can see them. 
Either way, I would love to see a combined OS that is Horizon OS, Horizon Meta Worlds and Horizon Workrooms all together. It would make the metaverse feel all the more seemless and cooler.