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Hi, my name is Hugh is I am 6 years old. I love playing games on the VR you made for my daddy. I really would like 2 new games- A space pirate game for Star Wars where Lord Vader wants to get the golden jewel for the middle of his sword. And when you put it in you get the ability for ice. I also would also like a Power Ranger Dino charge game. Where I can be the red ranger and all the other rangers are computers. And make sure to add the Dino chargers, Energems, and the T-Rex Megazord! Thank you to my mommy for writing this message.
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I'm just a Quest fan myself, but have developed PC and console games before & wanted to say: Hugh you have some awesome parents to support your ideas like that :) Stay creative and maybe if you take an interest in making games too you'll go down that road and make these kinds of ideas a reality! I started at 8 years old myself, so if you have the passion you're never too young! I think Rec Room on the Quest has a "Maker Pen" mode for making levels and interactive "code" in VR too actually if your parents want to get you started with that!