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Status: New Idea

Can we PLEASE get the ability to lock and save dashboard window positions?

There are few things I find more frustrating than tone deaf corporations that only care about money, but one of them is having to adjust my window layout EVERY SINGLE TIME that I use my Rift, in Oculus Home. 

Oh, and a close second is the "now loading" window that decides to jump back directly in front of everything, despite having moved it 3 seconds before, and again 2 seconds before that... and probably 12 times before that, until it finally decides to stay put.


I know there are probably more pressing issues, like... adding features to your dead metaverse for all 6 people that use it, that other VR communities have had for years; or figuring out how to resell that same product for the 5th time, but c'mon man. 


Can you please commit and give us an update on when this critical feature that would no doubt take all of a few hours to implement, will be added? 


I signed up just to ask this question. That's how much it bothers me... and I'm sure others will agree.