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Status: Completed

A messaging system like steam that is both available from the desktop app and in Dash.

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I desperately want an option to text chat with my friends list from the desktop app. I've met people I like playing with and add them as a friend. After this, I never see or talk to them again because there's no way to contact them easily. The new update allows you to call them, but that's super invasive and requires them to pause their game and accept if they're playing a game or even worse, if they aren't in VR, they have to find their headset, get all set up, start up oculus and then answer the call. I really want text so I can just say like "hey want to play some from other suns?" and get a quick reply like "can't right now," or "sure, give me a minute to set up." If they're playing other games in 2d or just doing normal productivity work on their computer, it is impossible to get a hold of them from oculus. I want an easier way to get friends into vr, not just an easy and cool way to interact with them once they are in there. I would think this would be easy to implement from a company owned by facebook who mastered text chat long ago.
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Absolutely. It's insane that there's still no messaging system in Home
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I've made a lot of friends on Oculus, but I don't want to "call" them every time I want to see if they're free to play (they're also not likely free at that moment). If their was a way of integrating Facebook Messenger or something like that so I could just send a note saying, "Hey, you free in an hour to play?" or something like that, that would be fantastic. I say Facebook messenger because A. You already own it and B. There's a mobile app (which would go a long way to communicate with friends about playing when they're not on their computers.)
I agree there needs to be a way to send text messages to friends but I do not own a facebook account and I would not want to create one in order to send text messages. Something more along the lines how how steam friends text messages work would be nice.
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This and perhaps also include an integrated Facebook Messenger app that pops up in Dash
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I agree, would like text messaging.
How about a simple chat program? when we meet knew people and have a dialogue and make friends in Oculus home , now that we have friends come into our home when we aren't there ready for a game. Have a chat program for our new friends to say lets meet up to watch a football game on the big screen in our new homes. its been a few years with our second home and has come a long way . Don't we think its time to have this implementation. if we are in a game of Beat Saber and have a friend come in our Oculus home to let them have another way to contact us or us with them other them instead of them just to sit and wait for us to come out of the game . Maybe let us tell them to "yeah come on in. theres one spot left" just a good thought thats well over do.
I agree! A voice call is too invasive for people I don't really know, and even for people I do know because they are probably busy!!