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Status: Completed

When I'm playing superhot or space pirate trainer and do a fast dodge oculus displays my ipd for a split second. I played space pirate trainer a few days before the beta and never saw it happen.

Honored Guest
To clarify this is the "Lens Spacing" popup? If so, I have the same problem with rapid head movement in Elite Dangerous and it's annoying to have it popup. It'd be nice to have an option to turn it off.
Also having the same issues. Sometimes it can be every 10 seconds or more, other times it will never happen. Doesn't matter if its Fast head movement or keeping head completely still. Problem only started with Dash 2.0. Can't revert back because the new home is just too good. This is my life now.
Honored Guest
Yes please, if not a user-accessible option (which might be too much work due to few users complaining about this problem) at least give us a registry or json setting to tweak manually!
Count me in too, really annoying little issue.
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This is a big issue in fast-paced games, for some reason having narrow eyes and the IPD dial turned to the left makes this happen so much it ruins the experience. A simple setting to turn off the IPD status or go back to the old way of setting it with the crosshair would solve it.
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peoples quests are rendered useless. please fix. this is not completed.