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Status: Completed

Please create Oculus store gift cards. Physical gift cards and e-gift cards. This will be very popular!

Honored Guest

Please pretty please create Oculus Quest 2 Gift Card so we can buy it and spend it in the store and buy it as a gift for a birthday or a Christmas or any kind of present alright.


I agree. I looked for a prepaid or Oculus gift card at the store the other day assuming they had one. That’s mandatory. Personally I do not like using my bank card online for anything. Not security, I’d just rather use a prepaid visa or a “Oculus Card” 



Honored Guest

I would like gift cards so I can let people know what I want without people having my email address. 

Honored Guest

I agree. I’ve tried using a pre paid credit card, and they don’t take them. I would absolutely love it if they made their own gift cards because I don’t have a pre paid credit card that is reloadable

Honored Guest

I second this. Yes, games can be gifted, but I want to gift people Beat Saber Music Packs. Sometimes I just want to give them a set amount of money to buy whatever they want! The “gift” system needs to be expanded to include ALL content.

Honored Guest

Yes!!!!!! This has been the biggest pain I have told everyone I know about it and they have the same problem. You need gift cards

Honored Guest

Does anyone else feel that Oculus has dropped the ball by not accepting gift cards for purchases? What about coming out with Oculus gift cards?

Honored Guest

Please add E-gift cards and physical gift cards!! They will be super cool!! 

Honored Guest

Omg yes! This would be so cool!

Retired Support

Looks like the time has finally arrived! Gift cards are a thing now 🙂


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