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Status: Completed

Kudos for the diversity shown with head covering options, but could you please add a yarmulke / kippah for your Jewish users?

Thank you

PS I have attached pictures of yarmulkes as examples, including one worn by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's significant other.images.jpg


images (1).jpg


images (2).jpg




Status changed to: Completed
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @PsymonMir, this was added a while ago to the Facebook Avatars options and there's an option as well in the outfit > head coverings section for Meta VR Avatars too! 


I don’t know… I kind of feel like the VR world should be without religion. Or politics. And anything else that causes division between ppl.

Community Manager
Community Manager

One of the things I've learned from decades of gaming online is that people can get divided over practically anything - even just K:D ratios or how I tame my dinos. It's important to promote harmony while also allowing for self expression, and for some people, having a head covering is very important to their self image.


When I present myself as a 10 foot tall robot demon, I'm sure it'll upset someone, but I still hope if we ever meet, we can find a way to get along nonetheless.

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Keep it safe

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A Jewish head covering is not only a religious covering in the classical sense. It is worn 24x7 by religious Jewish males and is as fundamental to them as underwear. It should be thought of as a cultural garment. As of now I do not feel comfortable using an avatar without such an option. The classic color of the Kippah or Yarmulke is black but other options would be appreciated. Black, blue or grey are typical colors and velvet, satin, suede, leather and linen are some classic materials for this.



black velvet


black suede