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Status: Completed

We need to allow the Quest Pro to use local dimming over Quest Link/Air Link when developing, its a massive roadblock to knowing how our games will look. 

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Exactly, why would users need to resort to virtual desktop or ALXR to use local dimming? Link should enable this and it shouldn’t even be a discussion beyond that in my opinion 

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@MetaQuestSupport can you weigh in here?

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The Quest Pro has been released for over four months now and one of its most incredible features — local dimming — is still not possible over Quest Link for PCVR titles. Why is Quest Link not receiving any attention? Local dimming should also be a global toggle somewhere — not something that each developer has to individually enable. Imagine if your OLED TV could only display true blacks in games where developers enabled the feature. It’s bizarre that “pro” users aren’t able to choose to enable this feature (even if it’s at the cost of slightly increased latency or some other tradeoff). 

Following the recent price cut bringing the headset from $2000CAD down to $1400CAD, the headset is now a much more appealing prospect for PCVR users. However, it feels bad to pay for such a high-end headset where Quest Link users are arbitrarily locked out of one of it’s most impressive features. Please consider unlocking this functionality. Meta spent so much time developing and designing this feature; it’s a shame that a large portion of its user-base (Quest Link users) are unable to experience it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Dravite. We appreciate your feedback on the Meta Quest Pro. We love to hear back from the community on what they want to see implemented into VR. We think that you should leave this idea on our Ideas Forum Page, so that you can get some more traction and attention on this idea. 


Our developers do take a look at that page to see what they should add into VR. Who knows maybe you'll get to see your idea make into VR! 

Status changed to: Completed
Retired Support

I'm a bit late, my apologies! Meta Quest v51 software added Local Dimming as a capability for Link and Air Link.


With v56 it will be available everywhere unless specifically disabled. Thank you  Meta!