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Status: Completed

Here's an idea:  [ ... ] get the programming team to add a toggle in Settings to be able to turn OFF the mirror.   Then sit back and watch all the 'THANK YOU's roll in to Meta......   I've not read of ANYONE who likes the mirror.   

Honored Guest

Hi, I want to hide the new mirror in the home environments. I use these environments to relax and escape, and the new mirror is highly distracting, unnecessary and unappealing. It ruins an otherwise beautiful view. Please fix this or at least provide an option to hide it if at all possible. 

Thank you for creating this feedback center. Listening to customer feedback makes us feel valued and more likely to upgrade to new products as they become available. 

Honored Guest

I hate the big mirror reflecting my avatar and blocking the view on the Meta Quest home area. It ruins the vr effect and the view. Why doesn’t it toggle off? Why doesn’t it even match anything in the room? It’s just floating there, in the way, reflecting the 1992-looking cartoon avatar that is completely missing the mark.  Why is it in front of the window????

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I totally agree on this. It ruins the immersion of the otherwise gorgeous home area.

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Does anyone know how to hide the mirror?

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Like the subject says, please give us the option to disable the mirror and avatar in our home screen.
It has ruined my experience up to the point where I rather just don't want to play with the Oculus Quest 2 anymore because it creeps me out so badly every time I go to the home screen. Why implement a feature like that and not have a way to turn it off in the options?! 

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So much this!
Why is there no option to turn the mirror off?

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I can't comprehend the purpose of the avatar mirror.  I truly don't get it.  you can't turn it off, you can't move it aside, it doesn't DO anything, and like you said, nobody wants it.  nobody likes it.   I hope they get the hint soon.



So interesting how the mirrors are universally hated and they're insisting on keeping it. I'm sure there's some financial angle they're working but it ruins the appearance of the environment!

The Oculus has such an impressive feel when I first booted it up, like actually being at the environment and having my own expensive hideaway. The mirror and it's tacky avatar ruins the immersion. I don't *want* a representation of myself on my home screen...

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 I agree totally ..... Why exactly is the purpose??. .      In the digital environment, mirrors = malice 


I think that mirror could be nice to appear as you edit your avatar, in real time, instead of what we got today.

I don't mind it on my space but it seems people hate it. So yeah, a on-off could be great. Or just a mirror that stays blurred (like the old home) until you get closer.