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this really is a joke. if you buy a title and do not enjoy it, you're looking at the bad side of a week waiting time in order to get your refund. 

This is terrible, a complete joke. EVERY OTHER PLATFORM I can buy games on will give a nigh on instant refund, if not instant. With this in mind, why should people risk buying games on the Oculus store when they can get the same games, better quality and better price on pc. 

If I buy a game on Steam, I can get a refund INSTANTLY if there is a problem. No issues, no waiting at all. Don't like a game, get a refund and get a different one. 

If I buy a game on quest that I don't like, it's AT LEAST a 5-7 day waiting period, during which time you cannot use the game you "returned" and you cannot get access to the credit used to pay for it. This is completely unacceptable and is actually retarded from a business point of view.

Personally I am disabled and I bought THE CLIMB 2 recently as friends online said it should be suitable for me. Unfortunately, it was not. So, I refunded it, presuming I'd get the refund instantly, or very soon, and could buy another title instead. Still waiting on the refund, literally DAYS later. 


So, with this in mind, why would I ever choose to buy something from the Oculus store again having experienced this customer service disaster first hand. There does not even need to be a human involved in the process, just automate it like EVERY OTHER ONLINE GAMING STORE. 

To me this seems like nothing more than a scam to hold and profit from our money for a little longer. I cannot fathom any other way in which this could be beneficial to facebook, as it makes consumers angry and wastes their time so it's certainly not for the users benefit. 

Please fix this or your platform will continue to lose custom. If you are going to be assholes about this then you have to insist that developers provide a demo for EVERY GAME so that we don't have to lose our money for over a week just to try the thing out. 

Seriously, this is an absolutely terrible way to do business. 


It really doesn't need to take this long. I requested a refund for Onward 4 days ago and that is still longer than it should be. On top of that the refund was accepted but instead of getting the money back more money was taken instead of given back, so now I have to wait even longer for that to get resolved.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We see you were having a hard time with receiving your refund, and more money was taken from you. That doesn't sound right, and we want to make sure this gets resolved for you as soon as possible.


If you have not gotten in contact with our team yet, you can do so here. If you have already reached out to our support team regarding this issue, please provide us with your most recent ticket number. We're happy to look into this for you.