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Status: New Idea
So I am new to Quest 2 and I know there are "vr" gloves. I know we have Hand tracking. Although I can't get used to the hand tracking at all. But I would love to see an accessory that really all it is is a Quest Controller just output as a Glove. 

For instance, the glove can give realistic finger tracking and motions. In the Palm of your hand you can have 4 buttons that are different shapes. Each button is parallel to your finger. So when you close your hand, you have the option to use your finger to push said button. For the Joystick, you can just close your hand like you would if you were playing thumb wrestling and navigate using your thumb and sliding it over the top of your closed fist as if the joystick was there.

As for sizes.. I would make it an open finger tip design. And a strap for width. I would could with a size 11 ring size for the finger area's with slight stretching capabilities. Battery back can be on the back of your hand. 

This can improve hand tracking and even allow error-free real-time gestures.

Just a thought Oculus 😉 
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