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Status: New Idea

Okay so I ended up coming here from Twitter after seeing the price increase and I was dumbstruck because it seems Meta is struggling with attractive innovation after selling at a loss. It makes little sense to announce such a thing with only a 6 day time limit because now people will weigh their options on similar priced headsets, rather than the topical Parent buying the lowest priced one. The Meta Quest isn't super niche or exclusive about the experience so it needs more to make it attractive. 1 free $30 game isn't gonna make the $70 difference feel better.
It would've made more sense to announce the price increase in November to start December 1st for a good spike in sales and give consumers a cost of production excuse for peace of mind going forward then announce an upgraded/bundle version to come for December holidays close to December 1st. 2 high potential bursts in sales and smiles.     

IDEAS: I believe these ideas would help improve Meta's negative image to appear less predatory.
1: The idea I had for the Quest and all its versions was for Meta to fund a Free-2-Play model MMORPG for Meta devices and have it be buyable on other platforms. Like the horizons project except a space geared towards mmo gamers, like myself. Theme of the game could be open-pvp sandbox factional warfare similar to the online game EVE but with an overwhelming variety of ways to play/chill/compete/etc not limited to space. Maximize meme-ability of the game by not limiting its scope too much for the most enjoyment and keep transactions mobile game levels of small for guaranteed wallet access with several dips. ($0.99 - $10)

2: Partner with Epic Games for a season, fund some indie Devs publicly, and get some already popular titles out for free for a limited time exclusive for the quest to further boost the quest. Announce it beforehand so savings can start and excitement can be primed. Lift the community up so that the community can return the favor. 

3: Put an togglable AI version of Mark Z. in everyone's space that says cringy data jokes and tells dad jokes but functions like Siri. Make the most of Mark being a meme for marketing for some smiles. 
ex: "If only I knew more about you, I could suggest some new friends"

Just gotta give more reasons to pickup Quest cause competitors have quite the advantage at the new price. 🙂