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Level 3
Status: Completed
When adjusting IPD, please display a size overlay similar to the Rift CV1 when the slider is adjusted.
Level 3
Better IPD Software that displays accurate numbers with respect to people's actual IPD
Level 4
Please do this. I get a headache when using the wrong IPD for any length of time. Guessing if I got the right value and chancing a headache is horrible.
Level 2
I asked them in a ticket whether the Quest has the hardware to measure IPD like the Rift, and they said they are not sure because there is no documentation yet. I hope they add it because my friends and I all know our IPD and pass the headset around for certain games like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes.
Level 2
Nonconfigurable overlay on the Rift was the most annoying thing once it starred to change by itself while moving my head rapidly. Hope that the current system wouldn't cause such thing. It's pretty hard to move it which is fine.
Level 3
Weirdly the slider is actually capable of this, I have tested it myself and randomly if you open up Google Earth in Virtual Desktop and move the slider an IPD size overlay appears.
Level 2
Yes this is important. It's all too easy to accidentally change the IPD when handling the headset, but also it would be great when sharing it with someone else so they could configure on the fly.
Level 2
Apparently we have it now . But I don't see it
Level 9
The Quest has this information available. You can see for yourself if you own Superhot. I stumbled upon this one day. If you press the a and x buttons (I think) when Superhot is loading, it opens a menu where the IPD is visible. And you can watch this figure change as you move the slider. You're welcome 😊
Level 3
Also when user profiles are added, the system can remind the user to adjust the IPD based on their saved settings.
Level 4
This has now been added in the V12 update.