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Status: Unspecified
While there are tools out there that allow you to edit the guardian boundary (to make it nice and pretty for the OCD like me), I'd really like to see a built in guardian editor that additionally allows smaller, custom outlines to be placed inside or outside the main guardian boundary. As an example, when guardian is showing, I'd like to able to mark additional areas where non wired accessories such as keyboards, mice, etc. may be placed. This would be incredibly useful for those who have a dedicated remote VR room that is not connected to their main gameplay area and rely on such tools (shared space). Another example: I have a dedicated playspace that I use VR for fitness purposes. My cables go through the wall and are not connected to the same room. I would like to be able to mark onto my guardian the side table that I place my water on either inside or outside the main guardian threshold so I know where the table is outside the boundary.
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Basically make the guardian-System 3-dimensional? That would rock. Would be neat to be able to edit the guardian system somewhat like Sketchup. Pull areas to raise a section for a desk but have the wall itself still go up higher so we know we can reach above the lower portion.