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Status: Archived

Hey - Just filing this request here as per the post on reddit by @Ryanality 
Would it be possible to get a inside out tracked object Tracker? Similar to the upcoming Tracker by HTC Vive.
This would be really useful for things such as Full Body Tracking and general object tracking.


I definitely would like to see this. It would basically be a stripped-down version of Touch Pro controller but as a Tracker that can be placed on Objects or Body for Leg/Feet/Hip Tracking.

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Thanks for sharing! Feel free to jump into other ideas to vote and make comments, we're excited to see what the community has to say.

Status changed to: Archived
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Thanks for sharing, @Mr_Squarepeg! This topic had some of the top votes and shared a similar theme with several other ideas that people brought up. I've shared this suggestion with the team directly! We can't share if this sort of accessory is going to get added in the future, but the team is really excited to see so much interest from everyone!

Thanks again and stay tuned for our next idea of the month to share suggestions.