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I know that there are apps that provide virtual travel experiences, some by using a CG prerendered locations, and some by using 360 videos. I see the benefit of using CG spaces so multiple users can explore locations together, but if only one user has a headset not only have you lost a possible hardware/app sale, but also a video view from your platform. One of the reasons people enjoy watching travel videos/shows and follow travel bloggers is so that they could not only live vicariously via content creators, but to possibly visit those same locations. I am not sure how often the content creators are posting theses videos on FB, or if Oculus users are watching theses 360 videos from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Is there an opportunity of creating content to lure in users to possibly purchase actual trips thru your platform or from an Oculus app? Let say a travel site company like Kayack decides to produce a, “Three Sheets”, like travel show on their app where they post a CG or 360 tour of the,” Game of Thrones”, location in Croatia or an amusement park in Florida. Could they then sell the user travel accommodations via the app? If so, would the revenue be shared with FB/Oculus because the sale was initiated via your platform? This could also promote ad revenue if travel agencies, airlines, resorts, cruise lines, hotels, and restaurants who want to be featured or somehow integrated into the booking of these vacations. Not sure if this would be worthwhile for you to explore or if it has already been attempted. If you do decide to try this out, I would like so somehow be involved in the project.
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What is 360 and CG spaces?