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Status: Unspecified
It would be great during set up of the sensors if you could view the boundaries your sensors can see, all integrated within the Oculus Home app if possible. For those of you familiar with the DeskScene application, it would be a very handy tool if something like this were to be integrated.
Optionally show the location and field of view of sensors within the Home environment, including where they overlap. This would allow the user to get a feel for their orientation in their real environment, and to also get an idea about how optimal their sensor setup is. Also consider showing sensor issues through model effects (e.g. a sparking sensor might indicate that it's having trouble).
And to make it fit within the "Futuristic" feel, they could be resembled by an object that you can modify. I.e. a little drone-camera flying at that spot where the sensor is located or a bird / elf if you dig the "ye olde style". If you teleport they move with you. Right now you only have the little triangles while holding the warp as an indicator where your sensors are mounted.
Heroic Explorer
This is already the case when you teleport - the sensors show on the orientation rectangle just before you jump. I like the sparking sensor idea! 🙂
I'm all for the inclusion of a "desk scene" feature with either a button press or a toggle setting. It would be most useful for setting your default spawn location to make sure it is oriented the right way.