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Status: New Idea

Dear Meta Team,

During a recent event organization, I faced challenges in efficiently communicating personalized messages to finalists via WhatsApp, this experience led me to the idea of Shared Groups. Shared Groups would function as a specialized group. Where unlike traditional WhatsApp groups, Shared Groups would not be visible to all participants as an ongoing group chat. Instead, they would serve as a mechanism to facilitate the distribution of personalized messages to a predefined list of contacts.

Here we could introduce users to a dynamic tag line that automatically populate with the recipient's saved WhatsApp name. For instance, a message template could include a tag line like @Name, which would be replaced with the actual name saved in the organizer’s contacts. With this feature, each participant receives the message as a private conversation, ensuring a personalized touch without the need for manual insertion of names. And, when forwarding messages within WhatsApp, organizers could simply select the required Shared group that would automatically forward the message to all contacts listed in the group, optimizing the process of disseminating information to a predefined audience.

In conclusion, implementing Shared Groups on WhatsApp would address a significant need for improved user experience by offering a tailored solution for efficient communication. This feature aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user interaction and functionality.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for considering this proposal as I am eager to discuss how these ideas could be developed to benefit WhatsApp users globally.


Best regards,

Chanjana Wijesekera.

1 Comment
Yeah it is a great innovative idea on Shared Groups for WhatsApp and at the same time it can greatly enhance communication efficiency. I think this feature would be especially beneficial for event organizers and could streamline how information is shared.