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Status: New Idea

This may already be in development, but I am noticing separated features, that may complement each other to provide an amazing improvement to immersion and use.

Firstly, in applications that use tracked keyboard, such as Workrooms, there is an isolated hand passthrough that is activated when your hands are atop your keyboard. This passthrough is consistent and a good quality.

Second, in menus, or even in Workrooms itself, When your hands pass in front of a UI Element, a hand outline is activated so that your hand movement can be seen in front of the VR item. (screens, buttons, etc)

I wonder if it is possible to instead activate the hand passthrough from the first example, instead of the second when over UI Elements? This would be an efficient way to implement an illusion of depth between VR items, and our hands in passthrough.

If the issue is usability, perhaps the hand outline can be modified to be present on fingertips layered above this passthrough?