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Status: New Idea

Many Android keyboards support Voice to Text, so why not also on the Quest?

It is not a mystery that typing on the Quest (without a physical keyboard) is a tedious and long process, and now even more so with the implementation of text apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. It would be beneficial to have the option of Voice to Text built-in on the Meta Quest keyboard, so the user only needs to speak what they want to type on the messenger app, in the browser, or any other app that requires the keyboard.


An Android app store would certainly be helpful... SwiftKey would do the job.


@CipherMnemonic , Android keyboards do not run on the Quest 2, even if you have the sidequest installed. It won't work because those keyboards are not meant to be VR.

Updating the current Meta Quest 2 keyboard to have a mic built-in will certainly improve the experience with the Quest when users are typing text on the web, or on any text-messenger app.

@MelvinG24  Wondering if you are outside North America? I noticed when I was in Canada, I had access to the voice to text from the Quest keyboard but when I'm outside that region the microphone on the keyboard is disabled. 

I would love to have this feature as well!  Thankfully the new swipe features work quite well, although limited in other regions it seems not not show the suggested words at the top -- swiping is a lot more effective than touch typing in the Quest. 

I believe this started with v56 but you need to enable it in the Experimental features area if I'm not mistaken. 

Here's a video showing this in action


Ye please. Seems like you don't want users outside the US to use many features. I cont use the virtual assistant and voice typing as I'm not in US. Why sell your headset here then?