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Status: New Idea


I am from Sweden, but I also speak Chinese. You can change the oculus system language to both Chinese and Swedish which is great and this also proves that the oculus system already supports these languages. 


What is not great however is that for some reason you can not type in neither of these languages which is kind of strange since android (which I assume the oculus quest OS is based on) has support for typing pretty much all languages known to man, and the system already supports all the symbols, at least both Swedish and Chinese. 


Chinese is the largest language on earth and although the oculus has not been officially launched in mainland China, both Taiwanese and people from HongKong speak Chinese. There are also around 40 million Chinese speakers outside China (Chinese is the 3rd largest language in the US and Canada).


Not having input support for these languages is a huge problem since it greatly limits who you can chat with, what you can browse on the web, what words you can search for etc. 


Adding keyboards for these languages (and many others) is a very easy thing do to and there is no reason not to do it so please add it asap. 


Thank you!

Honored Guest

Absolutely must have feature! 🙂 


Word! The horrendously limited choice of keyboard languages is just strange.

Honored Guest

55555..... ヽ(*。>Д<)o゜

I don't know how long I have to wait for the Chinese input method

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even azerty is missing...

Honored Guest

Also the problem in germany. although using the supported logitech mx keys I'm not able to use qwertz Layout. Also suprised as I'm new to the meta world, that such an issue still exists 2024 

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Yes - also asked this question directly via quest3… really thought this is a bug 🤯