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Kiosk Mode so we can start up the Quest with just one specific app without the user being able to exit to Oculus Home (for privacy reasons on other installed software).
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Using the Quest as a shared device brings some privacy and setting-related problems. Being able to lock down certain features like settings, linking to social media and turning off customization would make it easier to maintain and use in a school or as a kiosk environment. Preventing users to change stuff they aren't supposed to touch.
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We also need this feature. Asking oculus via forum/mail/twitter since 2017 but no solution yet. Important for a working kiosk mode: disable "Enter VR" screen for a usage without controller. We create apps for museums and schools and currently some customers don't start VR projects, because it's too complicated. And they're right: Starting 10 devices, explaining which app to start, long press the lower button, "not this, this one! but don't press it again... where are you now?"
Yes please. Let´s get a Kiosk mode so we can set only selected apps to be available similar to "Demo mode" on the Rift. This would totally make the ease of use of the device much better when demoing for friends and family. Also it would make life easier for us who have kids who want to try the device without them having to see app options which are inappropriate for them (Like horror games and such)
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We also neet it...