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Status: New Idea

Scenario: I'm in a game with 2 other users and something is going on around me - I want to share this with other users.

I want to turn on passthrough and let them see the feed, picture-in-picture, similar to how the virtual desktop has always worked in the Rift software.

I would like this to be part of the core software for Meta Quest headsets so it can work at any time.


Did you find the solution to this?


One solution a friend and myself has found is to use an ADB tool called scrcpy to get a wireless feed from the quest 2

In theory you could take the feed on the computer it is being beamed to and send it to a web client server and have the client open of the quest browser to see ur friends stream (including the grey scale passthrough)




Add 3d stereoscopic sbs recording option related from

Had to add to this because I've recently been using an Apple Vision Pro and when doing Facetime calls you can share your view which of course shows the other person your complete surroundings - it's incredible and no different to doing any type of video call.

Please Meta, let us do this, at any time, in any app.