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Oculus Link 2.0, at one end, Usb C, at the other end, Displayport 1.4 and USB A, no more latency, no more compression. If the I / O of Quest 2 does not support it, Quest 2S come soon.
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That would be too good ...
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This is what quest 2 needs to be perfect
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I don't understand why Oculus made life difficult by putting a USB cable to connect the Quests to the PC. It was easier to put a cable connected to the graphics card, and everything would work much better.
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I want to think that the option of the current linck cable is an approach to a wireless device, hence the need to do a good compression.
Yep, Link makes it almost useless for PCVR. Even at 1.7x and 500mbps bitrate with 1.5 supersampling it doesn't do the display justice.. It's nice as a standalone device, but I really am thinking of returning it for the abysmal Oculus Link solution..
This is a very good idea and I am so glad that you bought this up as some others may have had the same idea, Unfortunately the idea won't work as the bottleneck will always be the USB-C, The only way they would be able to get it to have displayport and usb is if they somehow re-engineered the Quest 2 hardware to have another custom port like what we see on the Rift S, I hope I am wrong and they magically add something that removes compression.
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But it still goes through usb? also you cant just slap a display port to a usb connection.