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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
Please consider providing Linux support for the Oculus Link. With the increasing number of native Linux builds on SteamVR and the current stability of Steam's wine powered Proton compatability layer for Windows games, the ability to use Oculus Link on Linux has become attractive. At minimum, the production of documentation useful to the Open Source community providing the means for a third party implementation would be greatly appreciated -- beyond the general overview currently provided: If the official stance from Oculus is to not support Linux, at least give us the opportunity to support ourselves with your help.
Level 3
I asked for the same thing too! I hope they look into it soon!
Level 2
Zuck, please add support for Linux.
Level 2

I am also a developer who switched from windows to linux. At the beginning of the year I bought a quest2 and started to make small programs for it with Unity and Godot, but I find it quite cumbersome on linux now. Is there a way to make Occulus work on linux? In the long run, I think it would not be bad for Meta either, if it did not depend on the windows platform at all.

Please add it

Level 2

Yes please. Very disappointed that Oculus Link is not yet supported for Linux.
At least provide the specs needed for the community to build it itself.

Level 2

Please, Oculus Link for Linux!

Level 2

ALVR works fine. but we still want support; Please support Linux bros.

Level 2

Hi I was wondering I hope I have the right place if we could get a game for pass-through kind of make the cameras a little better for pass through that way you can see more clearly and kind of get a game for past due like with zombies so you can only see the zombies when you have your headset on you have to go outside or something or they're in your house or whatever but it should be for a big open space but pass through has like zombies kind of like Pokemon go where you can see them on your screen but rather than like like a like a game is more of pass-through game to where you have to have passed through on so you can see your surroundings but in the surroundings there's zombies and you get to shoot them and run from them or you know whatever

Level 2