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Yeah, for example fixing the things people complain about like this:


What if the shareholders are the customers 

Status changed to: Completed
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Hi everyone! This isn't really a single product idea that will ever stop. I'm going to mark it as completed but please know that we're always going to be here on the board listening to feedback and sharing it within the company!

We started up a new board as well in partnership with our product teams where they can collect feedback directly from our community members about specific experiences or things they're looking to make changes to. If you haven't yet, check out the Ideas of the Month board. We'll regularly be changing the topic of it so if you don't have any suggestions for the current idea, check back later and there might be a new one you want to share on!

As to technical issues, bugs, and the like, our team collects all the feedback we can and bring it right up to the engineering team so that they can address the issues that our community is dealing with. We don't catch them all, but we're trying to be better at that. And not everything can be prioritized or highly for a quick fix, but we'll keep on improving and together we can all look forward to continually improving everything.

Thanks for sharing everyone and I'll see you around!

PS. Carloskhard, I'm looking up that issue you linked and am seeing if I can get some engineering eyes on it. There does seem to be a bug here which I'll try to get the right team to look into it. 

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Really?  You guys are here listening to your customers??  Like the thread on requiring admin to unlock???  Tons of messages on that one and no reply from Meta!!  Come on be serious. You fix the mirror environment but leave us all hanging over a security feature you forced down our throats making the gear basically useless for many!!!!


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Seriously. While parental controls are great, requiring the admin to log in to the device every time it restarts before anyone else can use it is an absolutely absurd, appallingly though-out "feature".

That thread literally came about as the result of a direct suggestion from a Meta employee. Since it was started 6 months ago, it's been ignored.

It's fine if this can't be sorted out immediately, but how about beginning by even acknowledging the complaints that people have about it?


What a horrible support. FIX THE **bleep** ISSUE WE ARE ALL COMPLAINING ABOUT! Don't just close it when you are ignoring it!!!


@Ryanality I see your comment above. Were you able to get engineering to take a look at this issue of users not being able to delete their own media from the mobile app? Can we please get an ETA?


**bleep** I wish I found these forums before I bought quest 3 for my kids xmas presents.


I think it might be helpful if we ALL messaged them through the 'contact us' that can be found under 'Meta Store Help Center'. 

Send a message each day asking if they decided to add the option to cast to chromecast again and if they are going to give us the option to remove/ delete unwanted apps from our libraries. 

Such basic features with so simple fixes that it leaves one bewildered why we are even having to bang our heads on a brick wall after paying the big dollar for this technology!!