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Status: Under Review
Being able to lock objects individually so they cannot be dragged around or picked up or anything unless you unlock it again.
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Came here to say this. The first time I went in Home, I tried to drag an object towards me as the tutorial said, and ended up trashing the cabinet with the bookshelves above it.
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For instance, I'm stacking things on a shelf and all of a sudden I grab the shelf by accident and throw everything off. Would love to be able to lock pieces of furniture in place like a shelf or a table so I don't run the risk of picking that up while trying to pick up an item thats sitting on it.
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Resizing objects would be very appreciated. Some objects are just too large - the low table especially is much larger then I'd have liked. More basic objects like the cubes should be scalable on individual axis, while more complex forms would become distorted like that... so I guess each object needs to have their individual scale limits.
Please give the option to lock an item down so that you can not grab it. I go to pick up a cartridge and i pick op the table instead and throw everything else on the table. I would really like to have the option to lock and unlock items in home.
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'- resizing (even if capped in realistic options) - lock/interactable switch on things like bows - colour switcher would also be nice - improved snapping via button instead of detection to allow exact staggering of things like cubes?
Yes, I've done that too trying to catch a basketball. A lock item option would be great.
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Being able to change the Lighting would be nice, also a night mode, for late night gaming. importing custom models, objects, or images would be nice as well.
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add more objects, things to do, dual wield the laser gun, anything i can do to help?

This is more than a great idea because it's funny to move one you have to solve for everyone and if you're a little careless all the objects will be misplaced.