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Expert Protege
Status: Completed

If you lie on your back, head on the pillow and turn on any 3D video (180° or 360°) from YouTube VR or Firefox Reality or Meta Quest Browser ― you will not be able to calibrate the center of the picture for comfortable viewing, because — it is impossible to move the center of the image along the vertical axis in any way ....... Horizontally - please, but vertically it is simply impossible (by holding the Oculus button on the right controller or via the menu "reset view").
I have Oculus Go (Release 2018) and Quest 2 on both it doesn't work... Why couldn't this be fixed for 8 years?? Are you seriously?!
I asked a user of Pico 4 if he had a similar problem - the answer is: there is no such problem ... Let me remind you that Pico VR is a Chinese company that has been operating since 2015 (8 years)... It's just ridiculous.
How many more years should it take for the developers to finally fix this flaw?

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Baum_Maum Thank you for sharing this. This was the highest kudoed post last month and we've made sure to put this in order as such in the feedback we gave the team. We hear your frustration and appreciate your time to take us to leave this note. 

Expert Protege

current as of today..

Expert Protege

Is this issue fixed in Quest 3?

Honored Guest

This needs to be fixed

Honored Guest

Ugh, how have we gone backward on this? 

My mom is elderly and I bought her a Quest 3 to use but she can only use the Quest 2 with an old PTC version on it that supported lay down mode since they pulled it out and I can't get the older PTC build on the Quest 3.

Are there any workarounds for this?

Status changed to: Completed
Retired Support

Hi everyone, Meta Quest v64 is releasing today and it includes the settings for lying down for the Quest 3 (Quest 2 and Quest Pro received the capability already). 

The release takes a little time before it goes out to all headsets, but once you've got it, you can enable this feature by going to Experimental in Settings and selecting the toggle next to Use Apps While Lying Down.  

Once enabled, you can use this feature by laying down and then pressing and holding the menu button to reset your view.