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Expert Protege
Status: Archived

If you lie on your back, head on the pillow and turn on any 3D video (180° or 360°) from YouTube VR or Firefox Reality or Meta Quest Browser ― you will not be able to calibrate the center of the picture for comfortable viewing, because — it is impossible to move the center of the image along the vertical axis in any way ....... Horizontally - please, but vertically it is simply impossible (by holding the Oculus button on the right controller or via the menu "reset view").
I have Oculus Go (Release 2018) and Quest 2 on both it doesn't work... Why couldn't this be fixed for 8 years?? Are you seriously?!
I asked a user of Pico 4 if he had a similar problem - the answer is: there is no such problem ... Let me remind you that Pico VR is a Chinese company that has been operating since 2015 (8 years)... It's just ridiculous.
How many more years should it take for the developers to finally fix this flaw?

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Awesome idea! I believe someone else provided this idea as well. 

Expert Protege

Status changed to: Archived
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