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Level 9
Status: New Idea

 In addition to blocking feature would be great to have something like "magnetism" feature. So you could select a person in multiplayer room (not a friend) and set a value like 1-7 how much you like to see that person next time. It is not "rating" or add as a friend. It is just you like (7) or do not like (1) style of talk or for any other subjective reason. That could be good person and do no bad behavior just you do not like to spent time with.

 Next time there will be matchmaking or lobby selection you'll be put in the other team or lobby (if there are several options) for lower values. For higher values you'll be put at the same ones.

 There could be a warning if there are no options and only one lobby/team available with persons you mark as low magnetism. So you could decide if you like to join in.


Interesting point!

Level 3

Great idea,