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Heroic Explorer
Status: New Idea

During internet outages, the Meta Quest 3 headset currently loses its Wi-Fi connection, disrupting PC VR sessions via SteamVR and Air Link. This disconnection occurs even if the PC remains connected to the router via cable, leading to interruptions in local and offline VR gaming.

Proposed Solution
Implement a feature that allows the Meta Quest 3 to automatically maintain its Wi-Fi connection independent of internet availability. This would ensure that PC VR sessions remain functional and connected, even during internet outages, enhancing the user's ability to continue offline gaming and other PC VR applications without interruption.

Current Experience

The headset disconnects entirely, preventing offline VR use.

1. With Stable Internet: The Quest 3 connects flawlessly to the router over 5G Wi-Fi.
2. During an Internet Outage: The headset disconnects, displaying a "No internet connection found" message preventing any offline VR gameplay.

Detailed Issue Breakdown
- During a VR Session: The headset is connected via Wi-Fi and linked to the PC through Air Link.
- When an Internet Outage Occurs: The router continues to broadcast Wi-Fi but loses internet service.
- Impact on Meta Quest: The headset disconnects from Wi-Fi, breaking the link to the PC and exiting the VR session.
- Reconnection: Wi-Fi and VR connectivity are only restored once internet service resumes.

This feature has been highlighted by community member @Bafoka on the Meta forums. For more details please visit the discussion [thread]

By addressing this issue, Meta can significantly improve the Quest 3's functionality, making it more reliable for continuous VR use, regardless of internet stability.