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Status: New Idea

At the moment with have just only few Bluetooth  keyboards which are fine working with MQ2 with option to see them on your desk by using Passthrough


This is extremely limiting usage of MQ2 since some people don’t need to look at the keyboard  or use the Passthrough option to see it…


In some scenarios navigating with a mini Bluetooth keyboard is much better then using Oculus Touch controllers especially when you watch streaming services like: Netflix, Amazon, Viki or any other VR video player…


When you make “movie day” and you watch it all day lying  in your bed - the simple option to rewind back, or forward + stop option is only 1 button! On the keyboard(1 second action) which you don’t even have to see, but with Oculus Touch controllers you need to find  controller on your bed, then you need to press any button to make UI appear then you have to precisely use raycast from your controller if you want to go 5 sec back and of course if you miss it will be 10-20 sec… so this is frustrating and takes more between (5-10 sec per action) but if you lose tracking of your controller then you can lose another 20 sec…   


So I just want to be able to use my “Rii I4 Bluetooth 4.0 Keyboard” with my Meta Quest 2 


I can use this mini keyboard if I switch to dongle mode and will put it inside the MQ2 USB C connector but I will lose the possibility to recharge Meta Quest 2 and it will last less than 2h till the battery dies. 


Unfortunately when I switch to Bluetooth and I will pair it with MQ2 it is not working anymore… 


Ps. Here is a link to that product:


Please make it compatible with Meta Quest 2