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Make account sharing for devices in a family. I bought 2 for my kids but now I have to have 2 accounts and buy any games twice that they want to play together? Or if we share an account for both we can’t play together or save our own progress, etc? This makes no sense.
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This is the reason I will probably not buy any Oculus device but a Sony playstation. Although the Oculus is the better system. But having to buy the game twice is not reasonable.
You can login using the same account to multiple devices.
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Make one account and use it on both devices at the same time
Same issue here. It sucks that my son and I have to share the same account because there's no way im paying twice for the same app.
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I agree with this comment. Our issue was in managing usage as a parent, and having the Oculus Quest set up with our one daughter's e-mail made that difficult. When we switched to my e-mail, we lost access to all of that games THAT I PURCHASED! It's a license to use the game and therefore should be attached to the original purchaser, not to an e-mail account. That said, it should be easier to cancel an e-mail address, set up a new account, and completely recover all of the licenses I have purchased rights to, for the games we bought. I think the game developers would agree!
Its the same as Multiple Useres! Please vote there! Over 5000 votes!
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We bought a Quest last year, and were excited when the Quest 2 came out. However, now am floored that I have to rebuy all of our games if both of our kids want to play. Every other gaming system allows Family Share. If it is linked to Facebook, why not allow FB families to share that are under the same wifi network? In this way, you know everyone is in the same household. Not sure if we are going to return the Q2 now and just wait for a possible Family Share program. We just dropped over $500 for the Q2 (with warranty,) and I just don’t know if this is worth it for the pricepoint.