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My understanding is that cloud save functionality is available, but most developers choose not to use it. It should be part of the Oculus approval process for games to ensure data is not lost if the Quest unit requires a factory reset, breaks or is lost/stolen. This is something that is seen as the norm for other ‘consoles’ so should be the standard if aiming for VR to be mainstream. Backing up with usb over developer mode is not a good enough solution for the majority as it requires manual backups.
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I had to rma my Quest and probably going to lose my saints and sinners progress now. We need cloud saves!
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Switched from quest 1 to quest 2 and none of my progress saved… please fix this issue soon
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I was considering buying a Q2, but not after my Q1 bricked (from an update no less), and because I assumed this functionality was very basic by now, had no idea that everything was gone if I had to do a factory reset. Definitely not buying anymore oculus hardware until this is resolved. On my way to go warn my friends that I recommended oculus to as well.

This is now the default for all Quest apps: Cloud saves for all 🙂


Cloud save would also be helpful for the Oculus PCVR games like Lone Echo. I had to reinstall one only to discover that all my game progress was gone.

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I finally got my oculus quest 2 and was excited to resume where I stoped at on the original quest. As I installed the games for example beat saber I realized my game progress was never transferred. I contacted Facebook and they informed me that data transfer is not available on quests and it is stored on the original quest. I want suggest technical team that they add a system that allows progress sync across the account. I believe that many customers will be really disappointed  as they realize that replacing headset due to high usage or upgrade to a better model will erase all their progress , time they spent building their profile  and personal achievements will be lost. As everyone knows that once you upgrade it is hard to go back to lower resolution because we get used to what we have at the time.  There is also another reason this should be implemented what if there is problem with the headset and needs to be reset same is previous situation all their progress is lost. Why invest time single player games if there is high chance of losing the progress.


Before I read the description, I thought you meant from the end user's perspective. Like you were suggesting they remove the option to turn off uploading save data to the cloud, to "protect" the user from a decision they might later come to regret. So I was confused why it had so many kudos. Now it makes more sense!


Add browser bookmarks and passwords to could save also, please.


No not mandatory , no way then I'll never be able to retrieve. Freaking gme from scratch