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Level 3
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My understanding is that cloud save functionality is available, but most developers choose not to use it. It should be part of the Oculus approval process for games to ensure data is not lost if the Quest unit requires a factory reset, breaks or is lost/stolen. This is something that is seen as the norm for other ‘consoles’ so should be the standard if aiming for VR to be mainstream. Backing up with usb over developer mode is not a good enough solution for the majority as it requires manual backups.
Level 3
Please have this WITHOUT facebook ****/login required.
Level 5
This. This should be mandatory now Oculus have provided the tools to do so. It is especially important as we see Oculus Support all too often suggesting a factory reset to fix faults on forums/Reddit.
Level 4
I agree, though if mandatory I think there should also be a way for the user to manage the cloud system (assuming there isn’t already one I’m not aware of). For example, if a saved game is corrupted, you’d want to be able to delete the save and not have the corrupt version redownloaded automatically, and if you have two Quests for whatever reason, you may not want them overwriting each others’ saves. (Plus if an app like Tiltbrush allowed you to create saved files necessarily larger than the maximum allowed for the cloud saves system, that should of course be excepted. This is also assuming the existing tools make cloud saves easy to implement on Unity, Unreal and the native SDK.)
Level 2
Save Ferris
Level 2
yes, please!
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Yes. Just as long as it doesn't require Facebook.
Level 3
I have bought so many games that my 64gb is having only 10 gb free storage but cannot uninstall games because would lose game saves! This problem will be worse in the future and only way to fix it is to make cloud saves mandatory!
Level 2
Only without requiring Facebook though
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Cloud backup without having to log into Facebook.
Level 2
And please don't make us go through Facebook