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I use a password manager for all my passwords. As such, they are long and complicated. Having to manually enter passwords in things like Sling under the Oculus TV app is near impossible. I have to look at my phone or computer to see the password, look back in the quest, click to capitalize or see symbols, click the characters I could remember, and go back and forth putting this in. Allow us to log in to things via the companion app. Or utilize the method my Roku TV does, when signing in to some things it shows a URL to go with a code so you can sign in on the computer easier.
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Yes.. so many hours.. so many logins.
While a native solution would be great, in the interim we can potentially work around it if we're in developer mode:
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Agreed. Entering passwords using the companion app would make things much easier since all my passwords are already saved on my iPhone.
Considering outreach to Android password manager app creators to develop Quest compatible versions (or features) of their apps. Keepass2android is open source in github! Being able to use one to grab a password and input into another app/game would be priceless.
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Since I can use the Oculus app on my iPhone to buy apps or manage some settings on my Quest, it'd be cool to have an option in the headset you were can enter the password on your smartphone / tablet device. For example, when a VR game/app or the browser needs a password, you can click the password field, then choose an option like "Sign-in with Oculus app". When you open the Oculus app, you can either enter the password using the on-screen keyboard or choose a saved password from your installed password managers (iCloud Keychain, 1password, LastPass, etc).
The Lastpass Android app can be loaded with SideQuest and will work as far as accessing the Vault from Lastpass servers and storing it locally just as it does on a phone. The problem then becomes the lack of copy and paste capability on the Quest. Seems to me that enabling copy/paste with the Quest keyboard would be the simplest solution.
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YES! This!! You're encouraging weak (easy to type/hackable) passwords without it.

BitWarden is an open source password manager... Meta could port it to Quest.