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All of the Oculus platforms need a more refined party/friend system. It can be very frustrating trying to play online multiplayer games with friends. It’s most evident in a game like Dead and Buried II which is developed by Oculus Studios. You have to randomly spawn into the same instance of the hub world as your friends. It’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming. Also,party chat needs a way to make it private. Lots of us play online multiplayer games as a way to hang out with friends. If I’m worrying about being constantly interrupted, accidentally letting personal info slip, censoring myself, etc. It really diminishes the experience. The party system should just work and right now it doesn’t.
Totally on board with this. One of the biggest reasons I continue to play on any platform isn't the games or hardware, it's being able to have fun with some friends. We shouldn't need to all be on Facebook either. No reason there shouldn't be some internal Friend/Party system to Oculus. If I continue to basically have to jump through hoops (we've even resorted to calling each other on the phone while we're playing and muting everyone else) to group up and chat with just friends I don't expect I'll spend a lot more time using the Quest / Oculus. I'll also note that there's another request for basically this same thing called, 'REMOVE THE STUPID FACEBOOK REQUIREMENT' so there's more than just the current votes for this one.
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Wanted to hang out with my kid, we could not manage to find anything to do together. We just wanted to watch a movie together. It was so frustrating. I really regret purchasing these. Why isn't this easy by now? It's been forever. I can't remember the last time I was so frustrated by anything.
Users on r/oculusquest request this (a revamped multiplayer/social system) as well. See our requests and comments for improving the system:
I've been stationed out of state for about 14 years now. Bought this to play with my brother on the other side of the country, as well as for our kids to play together as well. No private voice chat capability while in game is frustrating to say the least. Not that we don't enjoy talking to other people, but I don't think it necessary that anyone else know what our kids want for Christmas, or how our parents are doing, etc.