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Status: Unspecified
Currently, the option to enable to Oculus Link is only available in the Quick Settings list, which is indicated by a battery icon. The following would make it easier to find/activate: 1) Add a gear icon to the quick settings button in the taskbar so it is clear that it brings up settings (the current battery icon suggests power options) 2) Include the option to enable the Oculus Link in the full Settings app, under the Device section, as this is the most intuitive place to look. It is also intuitive that a full settings list should at least include everything in a "quick settings" list. 3) When the "Oculus Link available in settings" popup appears after plugging in the link cable, include a description of where in the settings to look (or navigate there automatically), as there are many categories. 4) When the "Allow Access to External Data" popup appears after plugging in the Link cable, include an explanation that Deny is the required option to enable Link, as the intuitive option is to select Accept (even more so because Accept is highlighted in blue). 5) When Air Link is enabled and the Link cable is plugged in, include a message next to the Air Link option that it needs to be disabled to allow for the wired Link to work, or override Air Link with the wired link, or make the selection a radial option (Disconnected, Link, Air Link). There are many valid options here, but the Link option should not disappear without explanation because a different feature (Air Link) is enabled. 6) Provide an option to enable the Oculus Link from the Desktop App.