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What a horrendous marketing move. You're basically telling everyone who bought the Quest 2 to go f- themselves. Too bad if you're an early adopter. In addition, most of us who bought the Q2 can still refund it and get a new one cheaper, and with a free game.
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"early adopter" sounds like we bought it years ago. I just bought mine four weeks ago. Giving something away for free one month after launch, but not giving it to people who supported the launch is crazy.
Does seem a bit unfair to penalise early adopters
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Hi Guys, just an update for those who want the game, Oculus already made this available to all those who got the Oculus quest 2 so far. You just need to Contact oculus support via chat. Keep your receipt ready to upload in PDF format, your oculus userid and your device serial number (you can get this from the app). Please free to claim your game before the deadline Jan 31st.
I love how oculus gave away a non quest game for the quest getting people to use pc even though the selling point was to be a standalone headset. It did prove to me 1 thing though, the oculus quest 2 is a **** good vr headset on pc and stands up to pcvr headset competition. Its no wonder oculus have stopped selling the main headset
You can contact oculus support and ask for the game and they will need purchase information and even if you bought your quest 2 early they will still give the game for free
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Nobody deserves new discounts/promotions based on their past purchase. Get over yourselves and stop whining.
Stop. you are being greedy and its stupid. why would oculus just give away a game to anyone who has a headset. that would be a bad business decision.
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Agree, i missed out on this offer bc my pc wasnt compatible, can we get a quest 2 build without need of a pc, not all of us are rich you know, but we still wanna game, I dont care if its at a lower quality, just gimme pleeaassseee