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Status: New Idea

apps/games are updated in the background without notifying me, or displaying a changelog!

The last one is Walkabout Minigolf - suddenly, a nice update - which I would not have known about if it was not for an YT video.

Same happened before with "Into the Radius" , a neat update with some content, which I discovered by chance long


I may have played thru a game, but I still wish to know if/what is updated. Maybe there are some cool new thing, maybe bugs that made me stop playing a game are fixed.

There should be a changelog of updates covering all games *a user owns*   - like: I may have played thru "red matter 2"  - but even if I uninstalled it, when an update to Quest3 graphics is released... I'd like to know it.

Having clear information about updated apps, and what is new, would cause more usage.

Returning to headset since last used,  I would like to see a notification like:

Quest3 updated to v66  , main changes: (text or link)
Walkabout minigolf:  updated , changes are: (updated course)

Games you own:
Red Matter (not installed) has an update: changelog: updated graphics for Quest3


That would increase usage, make people go back to games that they finished, or may be stuck in due to a bug. 


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I would love that too