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Status: New Idea

My family likes to play together and we are looking to purchase a VR for each member.   We currently have two and found that each VR requires its own FB account and Oculus App and they cannot be on the same mobile device. Meaning, if I want to set up one of the kids with their own device, I have to create an email account, FB account and get them a cell phone in order to manage it.   I can't manage it from my own phone.  My kids don't need their own cell phones in order to play on a VR.  Can you create multi device function in the app where I can rename and manage each device individually with out having to go to multiple phones?  I know I can add the device to my app but I can't manage it.   I cant purchase games for it, I cant select which device I want to cast to the TV when they play.  As a parent, I like to be able to see what they see from my phone so I can help them navigate to games or set ups.