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Status: New Idea

I reckon if it possible to make "Rise of the Dragon" and "snatcher" Sega mega cd games in VR.. also playstation one titles like the Suikoden series, destruction Derby even the old diehard games.. I mean.. imagine a game like the legendary "Worms" title in VR and taking a well aimed rock to the face, or digging diagonally down to your death accidently.. even lemmings. I have so many titles thst would be so amazing in VR and the funny thing is, these games are tiny little files (barely 100mgb) some of the megadrive titles even smaller. I know its all about graphics now but let's be honest.. games of the past had so much depth. My list grows. I dare you to even look at a game called "blood omen Legacy of Kain" and just listen to the sheer awesomeness is the voice acting for Kain. Absolutely unbelievable stuff.

Hope this reaches the right mind... and heart. Would be great to be part of what could be transformed into VR.