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Status: New Idea
I've talked with other VR users about what Metaverse has to be, and every time I've received the same reply: Meta Horizon need to be more ambitious. It's time to merge Horizon Home, Horizon Workrooms and Horizon Worlds into a single one. To make "Meta Horizon" the main Quest 2 system (instead of being separate apps)
Now we have two houses in Meta Quest: Horizon Home and Horizon World's Apartment. whould if you make the Horizon Home and Horizon Worlds to be the same thing?
When I'm in Horizon Home I can use a browser to surf the Internet, but not in Horizon Home 😞
When I'm in Horizon Home I can have three windows and watch videos while I'm in Home or doing other tasks, but not in Horizon Worlds 😞
I've an Horizon Worlds apartment and a lot of worlds created, but I can't set them as my Home Environment in the main system of Quest 2 😞
I can teleport between worlds in Horizon Worlds. But not in Horizon Home 😞
Here are our suggestions (from other users & me) to have a solution to all of this troubles:
- Make every Meta Horizon app the same thing (not separated apps) and make Meta Horizon the main Quest 2 system.
- Option to set any world we're created in Horizon Worlds as Home Environment in Quest main menu.
- We need access to documents and media while we are creating worlds to make them fascinating! We need the option to open windows to surf the internet, watch videos, see images or read documents while we are creating in Horizon Worlds.
- Make writtable whiteboards in Horizon Worlds & Home (like in Horizon Workrooms)
- Option to share screen in Horizon Worlds & Home (like in Horizon Workrooms)
- In conclusion: merge every Meta Horizon's app in a single one. To make "Meta Horizon" the main Quest 2 system with the features of Worlds, Home & Workrooms. It's time to make the Metaverse Plug & Play! 😄
These are our suggestions, we have more, but we think this could be the first step to the right direction before make more.
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  • This is a great idea! Horizon World need this to increment the number of users.
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Y no te olvides que sea también con teclados universales a fin de poder escribir y entender otros idiomas. Que se pueda instalar un teclado significa que se pueda ser y expresar desde nuestra cultura. La flexibilidad y adaptación con otros sistemas facilita la interconexion.  GRACIAS 🥰

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I'm... not sure if this is the right way to go. Sure, Zuckerburg and Facebook would love it. Such a change would be an attempt to push Altspace, VR Chat, and Rec Room out of contention. Not that I use those apps much, favoring Horizon Worlds for now. But I'm not sure if giving Facebook a potential monopoly on such services is a good or desirable thing.


Yes, the Metaverse is a thing which is rapidly being headed towards. But do we want Facebook as the sole dictator of what this should be?