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Status: New Idea

In this imagined world, Meta's strategy of offering an accessible operating system like Horizon OS for VR devices could indeed revolutionize the VR market. By providing a platform that is open for use by various manufacturers, Meta can stimulate innovation and growth in the VR industry. Users benefit from a familiar and well-supported environment, enhancing their trust in Meta's products.


Features like device recognition and a dedicated camera app cater to user convenience, making the VR experience seamless and personalized. Regular updates ensure that the OS stays up-to-date with the latest advancements, mirroring the approach of established software giants like Microsoft with Windows.


This initiative not only drives sales of VR devices but also solidifies Meta's position as a key player in the VR technology landscape. By fostering collaboration and innovation across the industry, Meta can shape the future of virtual reality and establish itself as a leading provider of VR solutions.