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When using other apps that give the user to use their PC remotely (Immersed, Virtual Desktop) the audio is much clearer and less compressed than using Meta Horizon Workrooms. It causes this issue where I can't properly hear the audio when playing music/videos compared to those other apps. 

I assume it is either a bitrate issue or potentially something else under the hood. It would be appreciated if this had a fix. I saw another post that potentially the audio is set to mono rather than stereo and that might be the issue but there is no way to change it.

Honored Guest

I've had this issue as well. If anyone has a solution, I'd be interested in reading it.

@NorthXO @Matweaver7  Sorry you are having this experience, I personally haven't experienced this but I'm on a Macbook.

Do you still notice this issue on the latest version 1.33.x of the Remote Desktop?  I saw the latest version just released, previously it was 1.15. so hopefully some of those fixes you need are in that version. 

If you are still having the issues after the update, can you share some specs on your desktop device for reference i.e. operating system, model of laptop/desktop, etc maybe that will give some clues into the issue. 

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I have the same problem the audio is not clear in the workroom while audio working fine on immersed. I using of the remote desktop. 

Thanks for sharing everyone, I'm going to check in with the Workrooms Community on this too -- lately I've also been noticing some audio issues just in the spatial audio of the room when using the shared workspace and what I also noticed is on Mac, I don't seem to have the Meta Quest Remote Desktop as an output option anymore for my audio selection for the full computer.  That seems strange although it seems to work ok -- not sure when that stopped showing up in my options. 

I'll try to bring this thread to the attention of the Workrooms team for some feedback as well.