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Status: New Idea


Here's some ideas on some features to workrooms.


1. 1-on-1 meetings. - sometimes people would prefer to have a talk with another person not in an empty room.

2. be able to manually adjust what non-vr attendees can see (e.g. moving their camera)

3. More screens in meeting rooms - this means someone can share their middle screen and still be able to have the left and right screen

4. screens at the whiteboard - for example if someone is doing a presentation and would like to pull up notes on their screen they can do that.

5. - more screen shares on the board area for lets say 2 people at once to share.

6. custom keyboard support. use a feature to add a custom keyboard so that users can use their own keyboard

7. turn OFF keyboard - if someone would rather look at their keyboard through mixed reality.

8. please keep whiteboards! theyre incredibly handy.

9. a custom room/office space you can design online.


thank you and i hope you take my ideas into consideration!!