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The store has long been known for its lack of usability. Information is scattered about, making it impossible to instantly access the information we need. Even basic information. What games are there in the store? What kind of games will be release? Quest is the largest VR platform, but unfortunately it's still very small as a gaming platform and sales are far smaller for the cost spent. I believe the terrible layout & usability of the store is reducing game sales (especially not well-known games).

WTF!? lol

This is the browser version of the store. New releases and upcoming titles that should be at the top of the list are finally displayed after much waiting of loading and scrolling (item location varies by person, time & etc.). AAAAAAAAARE YOU SERIOUS? Why should we spend much time on such basic information? The mobile version & Quest version have the same problem. There is a lot of unimportant information and it's scattered with sale information, new releases, and upcoming titles.


browse all.jpg

This is my edited image. Actual site don't have browse all at this position. I can't understand at all why you don't simply make a link at the top to browse all games & apps? (And of course, browser version need filtering function)

Filtering buttons are totally insufficient for the browser version, and the mobile & Quest version has many buttons but in the wrong order, making it difficult to use. Why is there a button for game genres before apps and new releases? The order of the buttons should be games, apps, new releases, coming soon, MR, and so on!? There is no coming soon button?

Filtering function of mobile & Quest version (currently) is strange, too. We can't see the results unless we select a category other than the sort. When we press filtering function, we can see suggested is selected. However, the list of suggested isn't displayed. Even if we select release date, price or others of sort, the list of them isn't displayed. The list won't be displayed until we select other filtering category. Poor function. *sigh*x10

Have the devs who create the sites & apps ever used their products even once? I'm not kidding. Seriously, don't you notice these layout and usability flaws? 😕

This is my 30min edited sample of top page.


In fact, these problems don't stop at the store. Many things in Quest haven't been refined, but little has improved over the years. In some cases, they have been worsened. If Meta thinks that the VR business can stay in the red forever, it may not need to improve it, however, it won't be able to make a decent profit if it continues to do so.


The number of reviews of recent games in the store has dropped significantly, and probably the number of active players has dropped considerably as well. It's shocking that Assassin's Creed received only 1500 reviews in its first week of release. BoneLab was 7,000 in 10 days. RE4 was 2800. Assassin's Creed is only slightly more than Walking Dead Retribution, which wasn't so well received. And Assassin's Creed is currently increasing at a much slower pace than BoneLab & RE4 (compared to them from the same period).


This, a million time.

Heroic Explorer

The order of category buttons becomes **** again in each store & more. There are many totally useless actions from Meta. I'm really frustrated. 10 bad things happen before 1 simple improvement. What are you doing?