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Status: New Idea

The auto-switching to hand-tracking is a POS for the longest time. The tap controllers to switch to hands is crap as once I set the controllers down it senses the movement and switches back to controllers. I also often hang my controllers by the straps rather than setting them down on some flat, unused, stable table space so they slightly swing for a long time causing the headset to lock-in on the movement preventing switching to hands. Get real, we've got crap all over our desks, we don't have room to set those controllers down slowly on unused tabletop real estate.

Let us switch by just doing, "Hey Facebook...hands" or "Hey Facebook...controllers" or even "Hey Meta...hands/controllers" would be much, much better that the crappy system it is now.

The unreliable switching is one of the most frustrating parts about using my Q2 and Q3 headsets.